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Street light is a light (Light Measurement) on the edge of a road, which is illuminating the road to prevent accidents. Studies have shown that darkness results in a large number of crashes and fatalities, especially those involving pedestrians; pedestrian fatalities are 3 to 6.75 times more vulnerable in the dark than in daylight.But street light also have light pollution that can hide the starts interfere with astronomy.Thus in settings near astronomical telescopes and observatories, low pressure sodium lamps may be used.

There are two main kinds of stree light: High-pressure Sodium lamp, LED street light.It is different for light sources.
-From the below picture,we may know the Color (Colorimeter) Rendering Index differences.LED can reach Ra>75,but HPS Lamp can only reach Ra>23.
200W High Pressure Sodium Lamp 

60W LED Street Light

-Life span:LED Street light is more than 50000 Hrs, but High pressure Sodium lamp is only 24000
-Color temperature: In order to increase the illuminance of the LED lamp, most manufacturer used 5000-6000K LED light source.Compared with LED light color, HPS can produce softer yellow light, which is comfortable to eyes.
-Illuminance uniformity: LED exceeds 0.7, HPS can reach0.3~0.4
-Illuminance: Acording to the test,average illuminace of LED lamp can only reach or not reach 30lx, but 150W HPS lamp can exceeds 30lx.
-Power Consumption: 100W LED Street Light ( Below One) equals to the 250W High Pressure Sodium Lamp.And the cost of LED Street Light is lower than HPS lamp.

From the above information,we can easily know that LED has many advantages in lighting,but it may be a long road for us to research the better solution.