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LED Slump


LED lamp is frequently enter into main illuminance filed.Especialy in Europe,it is known and being accepted by the market.The advantages of environment protection,small,high reliability are amazing and it is popular in the lighting development.In the recently years,LED illuminance takes place of traditional lamps such as incandescence lamp.


It will go through a long process to gain ground.Let's have a look at the illuminance affairs:

1879, Edison invented electric light

1959, halogen lamp

1961, high pressure sodium lamp

1962, metallic halide lamp

1969, the first LED lamp ( red )

1976, Green LED lamp

1983, fluorescence lamp

1993, Blue LED lamp

1999, White LED lamp

2000, LED apply for Indoor use


From the above,we can learned that the direction of illuminance development should be in a way of more energy saving.Thus we have enough reason to believe that the development of LED illuminance (Luminance Meter) has a long way to walk.


At Beijing time wee hours news on 17 June, Alan Salzman, CEO of Silicon Valley Venture Partners Vantage Point said, as the intensity market demand will bring fiercely competitive complexion, LED price would slump in three years.


He pointed that incandescence has been already eliminated in Europe,and American energy saving policy will take action to abolish the use of bulbs which above 100W power till 2012.LED lamp manufacturer will gain the maximum shares of total USD40 billon illuminance market.


He also said that most of traditional bulb manufacturers begin to produce LED lamp including GE and Philips, Alan Salzman emphasized, we are now in the beginning of LED illuminance, high quality products is limited even when we are selling them.


Following government policy,the price of LED shoud be controlled on a line that most people or shop can afford.Thus the slump is necessary and it adapts to  the economic rules.We needn't look this as "slump of application".