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LED Bulb act will be accelerated in 2011


In order to save electric power, Argentina will forbid selling incandescence lamp above 25W in June. Australia has already use energy saving lamp. Japan will entirely forbid using incandescence lamp in 2012. EU has approved an act that since 2009, they will wash out incandescence lamp gradually. Thus Toshiba, Philips and other top LED manufactory have been deployed LED Bulb plans.


Recently, Toshiba and Philips open out new program that LED bulb with 800 lumens which can replace 60W incandescence lamp. They are still working on how to give off over 1000 lumens of the light. The Cree LED (LED Test Instruments) is also rated to last over 25,000 hours, compared to 8,000 for a CFL. And their bulbs are available in the market which sales at about 40 USD. The price is a little hard for common to accept. In the future, how to reduce the cost would be the most importantly.


The price will be reduced in the near future for prevalent use in resident and commercial. This depends on design of lamp and light. Taiwan Circle-City promote an LED bulb and said its emitting angle is 180°which is widely than other bulbs. With its special diffused cover, the output lumen is large and light is softly.


Lisun Technology new product 15W LED bulb light can reach around 1000 lumens of light. More information please visit at: