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Do energy efficient light bulbs work with dimmer switches or not?



Well you can certainly plug them into your existing light sockets and control them with a dimmer switch. But the light (Light Measurement) will flicker. Indeed not only are the results poor you will also shorten their life.


The modern energy efficient bulb is a Compact Fluorescent Lamp which works in a completely different way to the traditional incandescent bulb. A traditional bulb gives out light because a current passes through a wire inside it. Vary the current with a dimmer switch and you vary the light given out. A florescent bulb is filled with gas rather than a filament and has an electrode at each end. A current of electrons passes through the gas from one electrode to the other exciting mercury atoms in the gas which then give out light. Unfortunately this is ultraviolet light which we can't see. So the inside of the tube is coated with a florescent powder that efficiently turns the ultraviolet light into visible light.

It's a much more efficient process than the traditional bulb. But one big disadvantage is it just won't work that well with a dimmer switch. As you turn down the current it becomes harder and harder for the bulb to kick-start itself into life. If like Lisuntech your bulb is flickering than it hasn't got enough current to work and that continual sputtering on and off is damaging the inside and reducing it's working life.

The solution is to buy a special energy-efficient light bulb designed to be used with a dimmer switch. They tend to cost more because they have extra electronics to enable the dimming effect. A modern energy-efficient bulb already has electronics inside it to help regulate that current passing through the gas. This is called the Ballast (more details, please contact Sales@Lisuntech.com). In a dimmable bulb extra electronics allow the ballast (Electronic Ballast Tester) to work with less power and deliver less power to the bulb itself. That's probably more than you every wanted to know about this, but the important lesson is that Lisuntech needs to get some proper dimmable energy-saving bulbs.